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Results of the 2019 Raptor Study are now Online!

On Aug 10, 2019

If you were one of the participants in our latest raptor study, we’ve attached the results culled from numerous observers. We would like to extend special thanks to Courtney McCammon and Dan Cooper for compiling this final tally and if for whatever reason you were unable to participate in this year’s study… there’s always next year!

These raptors are the reason we’re trying to eliminate rodenticides from our environment… raptors are the natural enemies of rats and other rodents, yet if we continue to poison them, and other species, rat populations will continue to explode in our cities… (but that’s another story… yes?) Speaking of rats… if you haven’t contacted your senator about the upcoming AB 1788 committee hearing, we hope you’ll chime in before Aug. 19 to let them know how important it is to eliminate rodenticides!

As Courtney pointed out, there are some interesting results to be gleaned from this years-long study so enjoy. The first pdf is the presentation given at the Los Feliz and Silver Lake Libraries. The second pdf contains the full report by Courtney McCammon and Dan Cooper

Final FoGP Presentation 2019 v3_nomap

FoGP Raptors 2019 final report


Photo: Gerry Hans



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