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Welcome to the Griffith Park Natural History Survey (GPNHS)

Before GPNHS was founded in early 2007, scientific data referencing wildlife and flora of Griffith Park was nearly non-existent. GPNHS and the Friends of Griffith Park website were established to help remedy this situation. In 2007, under the supervision of GPNHS’ scientific advisor Daniel C. Cooper, Ph.D., of Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc., a series of surveys were initiated to study bird, herptile and mammal populations in the Park. Reports published from these early projects, and many more which followed, can be viewed and downloaded from our FoGP Studies and Surveys page.

Friends of Griffith Park continues to carry out flora and fauna work in the Park, with the current list ever-expanding [pdf].

Shortly after the surveys began, Griffith Park was engulfed by the devastating May 2007 fire that burned over 800 acres, causing the closure of large areas throughout the Park. Subsequently, GPNHS was encouraged by RAP to continue our surveys, and Dan Cooper was invited to join the Fire Recovery Task Force. Dan was given the task of assessing the damage to wildlife, and developing a comprehensive Griffith Park Wildlife Management Plan.

RAP made a wise decision to develop such a program, which represents the first ever wildlife plan for the Department. See the Griffith Park Wildlife Management Plan [pdf]. The Plan is now being updated and expanded, based upon what has been learned over the last decade.

The launch of GPHNS is a great example of a grassroots effort, best captured in this newsletter story printed on GPNHS’s Fifth Anniversary. Credit goes to the inaugural funders of GPNHS, in particular: Franklin Hills Residents Association, Los Feliz Improvement Association, The Oaks Homeowners Association, and Hollywood United Neighborhood Council.

Your support of GPNHS can be shown through donations and your membership.

Send an e-mail with any comments or questions.

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Header photo: Desert cottontail (Sylvilagus audubonii) © Kathryn Louyse, all rights reserved