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Let’s eliminate the poisons that are KILLING OUR WILDLIFE!

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On Mar 29, 2019

CA Rodenticides Bill AB 1788 has passed the first committee
…but your comments are still needed as this bill is now going to the next committee!

A bill to ban the worst of the rat poisons has passed it’s first hurdle, the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, and is slated for presentation at the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

We thank you immensely for your support and for contacting our elected officials — but we still need you to let our elected officials know to ban these deadly RODENTICIDES, because these poisons kills much, much more than rats!

AB 1788 will ban the most toxic rodenticides, the “second-generation” anticoagulant rodenticides, with exceptions for some agriculture and public safety emergency usages. These potent rodenticides inadvertently kill owls, hawks, bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions as the poisons move up the food chain.

Two previous bills to restrict the use of some rat poisons in California failed because of lobbying efforts by agricultural interests.

This time, let’s not allow this to happen. We need you to send emails of support for AB 1788.
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Even if you’ve already sent a comment to the previous committee, you should STILL voice your support for AB 1788 since it is now before a new committee which hasn’t seen it!

The California Assembly requires that all support letters be submitted through the Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee online portal (there is button on the right side to “submit position letter”). You will have to create a login for this, but it is fairly simple and easy to do!

Take a moment to show your support! It’s NOT JUST California wildlife that’s depending on it… it’s also our future generations!

WILDLIFE CHART compiled by Urban Carnivores and NPS. Thanks to CLAW (Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife) for info


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  1. Sally

    Hasn’t there been enough damage and killing due to our cavalier use and abuse of poisons?? When will we learn from our history?
    Please STOP the use of these carcinogenic killer substances!!
    I live in the south and know they’re backward, but I expect more from California!


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