Celebrating P-22 Day, 2016


P L E A S E   J O I N
  The National Wildlife Federation California  •  National Park Service
•  The Santa Monica Mountains Fund  •  Friends of Griffith Park
and others

On Sat., Oct. 22, 2016, Urban Wildlife Week will culminate in Griffith Park with a celebration of Los Angeles’ celebrity mountain lion, P-22, who currently resides in the Park. The event will take place at the Park Center Picnic Area between 11 and 4 pm.


Friends of Griffith Park will join an array of non-profits, government agencies, and individuals hosting booths showcasing the great work being done for Los Angeles wildlife.

At the festival, learn how to create Certified Wildlife Habitats in your own backyard, school or business.

John Griffith of the California Conservation Corps will lead his famous BioBlitz Dance with crew members on the stage, and staff from the Natural History Museum will participate in recording wildlife sightings during the day.

Ranger Rick and P-22 will both be making appearances, along with several other celebrities and distinguished guests.


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    • Kathryn Louyse on

      Hey Mark… the event takes place in the grassy area directly across the street from the Ranger Station… the best way to get over is to bike through the park.

  1. I have a friend who is house-bound but has followed P-22’s story since its inception. Will there be coverage of the event available online, either live or as a link afterwards?

    • Kathryn Louyse on

      I know there will be lots of coverage, both from the Friends, NWF and others which we’ll post after the event.

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