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NORDIC NOIR LA at the Greek Theatre on Sept. 25th

On Sep 8, 2016



On September 25th, Internationally recognized film composer, Jacob Groth (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and his The Danish Film Harmonics proudly present a world-class concert featuring the best of Nordic culture, with proceeds to benefit Friends of Griffith Park.

Information regarding the concert and ticket sales is available at
Tickets are also available at

Los Angeles is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world and that’s one reason people love it here. Ecologists suggest that in order to live in unanimity with wildlife, adjacent residents reduce their “edge effects.”

By taking these measures, residents protect and harmonize with wildlife.

  • Here are some tips for residents living near habitat areas:
    • Always keep your pets in check
    • Never feed wildlife, including passive feeding. Eliminate all fallen fruit
    • Plant native species on your property
    • Use fencing only when necessary
    • Minimize outdoor lighting and sound at night
    • Don’t allow coyotes to become habituated to your presence; scare them away
  • NEVER use rat poisons, such as D-Con, also known as rodenticides:
    • Focus on the reason there are rodents, such as English Ivy or easy access to an attic
    • If you need to eliminate rodents, use mechanic or electronic devices
    • If you call a pest control company, insist that they not use poisons

For the long term survival of wildlife species, linkage between habitat areas is crucial to allow enough genetic diversity to keep populations healthy. Mountain lions, bobcats, foxes and other mammals are vital to maintaining balanced ecosystems. We must act now so future generations will be able to enjoy wildlife. Currently, the proposed Liberty Canyon Wildlife Bridge in Agoura Hills is an important start. Linkage between the western Santa Monica Mountains and Griffith Park, across both I-405 and US-101, is imperative for the survival of important species.

  • Support wildlife connectivity through scientific work and community outreach
  • Demand sound planning measures to protect wildlife connectivity where development threatens
  • Help funding measures for wildlife bridges such as those in Europe and Canada, and protect existing habitat corridors



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