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FoGP Upcoming Plant ID Hike — Sunday, April 17th

On Mar 10, 2016




New Date
Sunday, April 17th / 9 am

The Place
Participants will be notified as to the meet-up location
(This event will take place, “rain or shine”)

Registration Information
The event is limited to 25 individuals
If you’re interested in participating, please register asap
Pre-registration is required

Registration Fee
$25 per person

Friends of Griffith Park is proud to announce an event geared toward anyone who hikes in the Park who would like to be able to identify plants along their route. The workshop focuses on improving knowledge and skills in identifying native or naturalized plants. The class will include some hiking and field work in various areas including riparian, chaparral, oak woodland and coastal sage scrub.

These classes highlight new plants as flowering and fruiting occurs during Griffith Park’s season calendar. This is an intensive course taught by Jorge Ochoa focusing specifically on plants found in the Park. As Ochoa points out, identifying plants can be a challenge, but if you know leaf, flower and fruit basics, you will significantly reduce the amount of time required to identify most plant species.

Participants will learn:
How to recognize at least 25 plants of the most common/dominant/frequently encountered in Griffith Park
— How to identify many tree and shrub species, as well as herbaceous species, by sight and focusing on individual plant characteristics
— Tips to remembering the differences between similar plant species
— Plant description terminology (Latin and Greek)
Tools will be made available to help identify native plants.

Jorge Ochoa is currently the Horticulture Department Chair of Long Beach City College and a frequent guest lecturer for FoGP. Ochoa is a rare instructor — one with the uncanny ability to make any subject interesting and easily understood. A former LA Rec and Parks employee, Ochoa now spends a great deal of his free time wandering through the vast Griffith parkland looking at flora, fauna and the relationship between animals and plants.




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