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Another Helicopter Tragedy Was Easily Avoided

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On Jan 3, 2020

An article from the LA Times Dec. 28, 2019 garnered this response from FoGP’s VP Gerry Hans.

According to Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) “Tour helicopter and small aircraft operations are not safe, and innocent lives are paying the price. In our Hawaii alone, the industry, while stridently arguing that it is safe and sensitive to neighborhoods, has in fact ignored any sensible safety improvements, instead dramatically increasing in recent years its volume of flights, at all times of day and night, in seemingly all weather over more residential neighborhoods and to more risky and remote locations, at lower altitudes, while completely failing to address ground safety and community disruption concerns.”

As long as the FAA refuses to address growing concerns regarding unsafe helicopter tour flights, this will be the eventual outcome.

photos: Associated Press



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