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Summer Science Series: GP Raptor Study Results

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On Jul 22, 2019

On Thursday, August 8, Courtney McCammon and Dan Cooper (Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc.) will make their final presentation for the third year study of raptors in and around Griffith Park.

Community science participants have provided a wealth of information on raptor nesting habits. Data was collected approximately one to two times per month, including the nesting stage (nest-building, incubation, etc.) and tree type/nest substrate. The rate of success is tracked and data mapped showing raptor nesting trends and patterns. This data-gathering has been extremely helpful to biologists as it represents a specific, comprehensive dataset of raptor habits in the broader Griffith Park community.

Information gathered also helps to protect raptor species affected by human activity (like rodenticide use).

Please join us and don’t forget to RSVP…
August 8th / doors open at 6:30 pm
Los Feliz Branch of the Public Library
1874 Hillhurst Avenue, LA 90027



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