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Stewarding Griffith Park: Seed Conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot

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On May 26, 2019

Genevieve Arnold, Seed Program Manager, Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants will be speaking at the first of our lecture series which is in partnership with the Los Feliz Branch Library.

Arnold will touch on aspects of why seed banking is so important. As she says, Southern California is home to the most diverse plant life in the U.S. and is considered a world-recognized biodiversity hotspot. This means that precious urban wildland interface areas are threatened by the influences of megadroughts, increased fire threat as well as continued urban development.

Griffith Park is not only one of the largest urban wilderness parks in the U.S., serving the second most populous city in the nation; it also boasts amazing biodiversity that places it at a level of global significance biologically. The presentation will highlight local seed banking efforts designed to preserve this treasured local ecosystem.

We’re asking that you rsvp to this lecture… please go to and follow the prompts.



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