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Growing Griffith Park, One Conservation Opportunity at a Time

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On Apr 29, 2020

Two Griffith Park-adjacent parcels acquired for conservation: 2630 & 2700 Canyon Drive

More GOOD NEWS UPDATE [5/15/2020]:
Success in our endeavors with many thanks to all who donated!

The escrow is now closed. We are no longer accepting donations into the special Canyon Drive Fund, and have funds for annual maintenance of the properties. However, we have other projects underway, and hope you’ll consider a donation to our general membership support!
Read the story in LAist
plus a followup article in LA Times.
from the May 28, 2020 Los Feliz Ledger

More GOOD NEWS UPDATE [5/13/2020]:
The escrow is about to close. At this point, we are no longer accepting donations into the special Canyon Drive Fund, except for those previously pledged. We surpassed our initial goal handsomely and now have funds for annual maintenance. However, we have other projects, so we appreciate your continued support and suggest you make your donation to our general membership support!

A GOOD NEWS UPDATE [4/30/2020]:
We have now met our goal with pledges that will enable us to complete this land purchase! However, we could still use some help!

We’re grateful that so many people have recognized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and stepped up to contribute, despite the challenges in this COVID-19 era. It’s gratifying to see how many people in our community cherish Griffith Park and recognize how important it is to protect and preserve this habitat and biodiversity for generations to come.

Although we’ve reached our goal, we’ll need to create an account to fund the mandatory City of Los Angeles annual brush clearances. If you’d still like to contribute to the Canyon Drive Fund, all donations received beyond what is required at the close of escrow, will be held in a separate account earmarked for brush clearance so Friends of Griffith Park and MRCA can continue to do our part for fire prevention in the canyon area.

Again, our sincere thanks to everyone who has pledged, or who has expressed interest. We could not do this without you!

Update: Hillside Land Under Contract; $35,000+ Needed by May 8th

While our attention is largely focused on COVID-related matters, an extraordinary opportunity came about. Two undeveloped lots have long been on our radar and comprise a hillside just outside the Bronson Canyon entrance to Griffith Park on Canyon Drive. The site is one and a quarter acres and features City-protected sycamore and coast live oak trees — the largest of which is 60′ tall — as well as habitat for deer, coyotes, birds, and other wildlife. Fundraising has yielded pledges of nearly $465,000 toward a $500,000 purchase price. A coalition of conservationists and park-lovers is working to purchase this site in order to protect it from development and effectively expand Griffith Park.

As of April 24th, 2020, we have secured a purchase agreement on these hillside gems and need to raise $35,000+ quickly in order to preserve this land forever. Once purchased, it will be held by a local public agency dedicated to conserving and protecting open space — and will never be developed.

Despite the challenges everyone is facing in the COVID-19 era, we’re grateful that so many people recognized that this was an important opportunity. It is gratifying to see how many people in our community cherish Griffith Park and acknowledge how important its habitat and biodiversity are to our community. We know that in the future Los Angelenos will be able to fully return to their beloved park and hopefully be able to enjoy the new expanded and protected parkland made possible by this important purchase!

  • The northern boundary of these two lots is directly adjacent to Griffith Park’s Canyon Drive entrance. The Bronson Caves and trails (aka “The Bat Cave”), loved by local hikers and visitors from across the city and around the world are just inside Bronson Park.
  • These two lots came on the market a year ago with a combined asking price of $1.15 million. We have secured a purchase agreement for less than half that amount: $500,000, as this is a tough real estate market right now. Previous to our effort, the sellers accepted a development offer that recently fell out of escrow.
  • In order to secure this greatly reduced price, our coalition had to agree to a shortened, 21-day escrow. We must therefore raise more than $35,000 in roughly two weeks.
  • Despite the challenges of fundraising in the COVID-19 era, we believe this is a once-in-a-generation conservation opportunity. We’re asking that you please donate generously to this effort.
  • Our offer is being made in partnership with the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), a local public agency dedicated to the acquisition, preservation & protection of open space, wildlife habitat and parkland that will be easily accessible to the public.
  • Besides Friends of Griffith Park, partners with MRCA include: LA City Councilman David Ryu; The Oaks Homeowners Association; neighbors, conservationists and park-lovers.

For more info… Griffith Park Conservation Opportunity – 4.26.20



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