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Abandoned Water Tanks — Creating Eyesores and Liability Factors

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On Nov 28, 2016


In August, Friends of Griffith Park launched a challenge to the City for removal of all unnecessary and abandoned water tanks in Griffith Park. FoGP will fund the first of five tanks proposed to be removed. Most of these tanks have been unused for as many as four or more decades.

Unfortunately, Department of Recreation and Parks is responsible for maintenance or removal of abandoned water tanks, not the Department of Water and Power (DWP). This is according to a formal arrangement made between the departments in 2003. In the future, DWP will abandon yet another five tanks which are currently operational and assign the sole responsibility to the Parks Department for deciding their disposition.

The cost of regular re-painting to cover graffiti is significant. The liability risk for the City seems enormous, with kids “hanging out” on top of abandoned tanks by climbing up ladders still attached. In fact, at least one tank has a “soft” top which should present even higher safety concerns.

FoGP sees no reason why the City should not eliminate all tanks once it is determined they have no further use. Joe Salaices, Superintendent of Griffith Region, agrees and strongly supports FoGP’s leadership in bringing attention to the necessity of eliminating these eyesores in Griffith Park.

While the not-so-insignificant cost for the removal of the first tank through funds provided by FoGP is already determined, Mr. Salaices is currently getting bids on the other four removals, as well. At the time of this printing, a date for removal of the first one, the tank off Mt. Hollywood Drive just west of Western Canyon Road is not yet set.



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