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Species of Concern: Recap of Sarah Wenner’s Talk on Horned Lizards

Blainsville’s horned lizard... so unobtrusive on the landscape, it could easily be overlooked, unless one is actively looking. Even then, since these lizard populations have decreased dramatically, it would be difficult to find one in Griffith Park or parts west for...

The Fifth Year Griffith Park Raptor Study Begins to Take Flight

Today, Saturday, Feb. 20 marked the opening of the 2021 Raptor Study with a Zoom training session featuring study coordinators Courtney McCammon and Dr. Dan Cooper, moderated by FoGP president Gerry Hans. The session was well-attended as participants were given...

Currently Under Discussion: Zoo Expansion in Griffith Park

The Los Angeles Zoo has formally proposed a Vision Plan with concepts for further expansion and development. It’s really important to get all the facts of how this would impact the northeastern portion of Griffith Park near the 134/5 interchanges. There are many...

Expanding Griffith Park

This spring, Griffith Park got a little bigger, thanks to a coalition of partners who worked quickly and effectively together to respond to a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Two undeveloped lots on a hillside just outside of the Bronson Canyon entrance on Canyon...

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